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Pirate Articles SmiliePirate Articles
Being a Pirate
The Crew of a Pirate Ship
Friends and Enemies
Making Your Mark
Medicine at Sea
Most Unwelcome Death
Oh to Be a Pirate
Pirate Conning
A Pirate Lexicon
Pirate Lingo
Pirate Tactics
Pirates and Death
Pirates and Sea Shanties
Pirates and Their Clothes
A Pirates' Arsenal of Torture
'Polishing the King's Iron with Your Eyebrows'
Punishing Their Own and Hunting Prey

To Capture Prey and Plunder It
When is a Pirate not a Pirate?
Ancient Pirates
Baltimore, Ireland
Between Two Piracies
Buccaneers, Zeerovers, and West India Companies

Captives of the Barbary States
Captured by Pirates
Cotton Mather, Preacher to the Pirates
The Golden Age of Piracy
Henry Every and the East India Company
í víking – Norse who went plundering and Q & A
In the Aftermath of Kidd
The Lure of Exotic Treasure: Piracy and the East India Companies
Jolly Roger and No Quarter Given
Medieval Pirates
Mother Nature, Pirates, & Dangers at Sea
The Nearly Forgotten Adventures of Sam Bellamy by Guest Columnist Laura Nelson
Pirate Treasure
Pirates & Religion
Punishing the Pirates

The Royal African Company and Pirates
Sam Bellamy & Olivier Levasseur
by Guest Columnist Laura Nelson
Sir Henry Mainwaring on the Prevention and Suppression of Piracy
The Stupidest Mistake Ever Made by Pirates by Guest Columnist David K. Bryant
Thomas Davis, Reluctant Carpenter to the Pirates by Guest Columnist Laura Nelson
Tracing the Golden Age of Piracy by Casey Sheehan

William Kidd and the East India Company
Women and the Jolly Roger
Woodes Rogers: Circumnavigator, Privateer, Author, & Governor
Young Pirates
Modern Piracy
How to Solve Somalia's Piracy Problem?
Modern Piracy: 2005 Update
Piracy of Yore vs. Piracy Today
Piracy and the Law
Piracy versus Terrorism
Cost of Piracy
Profile of a Pirate
Combating Piracy
Notorious Pirates
Alfhild Princess and Viking
Bad Usage
The Barbary Corsairs
Black Pirates
A Buccaneer More Interested in Nature than Gold
The Buccaneers
Captain William Kidd
Cheng I Sao
'A Greater Monster Never Infested the Seas': Edward Low
Famous Barbary Corsairs

Fléau des Espagnois – Flail of the Spaniards
Granuaile (aka Grace O’Malley) – Irish Pirate
Henry Every
Henry Morgan by Jude Ellery
John Julian, the Teenage Pirate by Laura Nelson
Patriots or Pirates?
Peter Cornelius Hoof and Me by Laura Nelson
The Pirate Known as La Buse: Olivier Le Vasseur
Pirate, Rebel, Freedom Fighter, Champion of the Poor

Pyrate Surgeons
Rachel Wall
Richard and Jeremiah: Two Pirates Who Would be Pardoned by Laura Nelson
Sam Bellamy: From Penniless to the Richest Pirate of All by Laura Nelson
Shap 'ng Tsai, Xú Yàbǎo, and the Royal Navy
Sir Henry Mainwaring
Spanish Adventurers
The Spanish Pirates
Three Buccaneers

A Trio of Pirates
Piracy Around the World
The Dutch Beggars of the Sea by Jean-Denis G. G. Lepage
A Family Affair
Notorious Pirate Havens
The Ancient World
Around the World
Port Royal
Tortuga and New Providence
In League with the Pirates
Pirates of Canada
The Pirates of San Augustín
Scottish Pirates
Pirates and Literature
Barbary Corsairs and Ludo da Portovenere by Guest Columnist J. G. Harlond
Birth of a Pirate Novel by Guest Columnist Helen Hollick
Bringing Pirates to Life through the Written Word by Guest Columnist Darren Simon
Captain Blood - The History behind the Novel
Captain Misson and Libertalia
Fictional Pirates
A Fun List of Pirate Movie Favorites by Guest Columnist Elise Schwartz
The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told (Until Now) by David K. Bryant
Jesamiah Acorne (Captain) by Guest Columnist Helen Hollick
Johnson vs. Defoe

The Lure of Piracy - Realty vs. Romanticism
Sea Yarns Galore by Irwin Bryan
Superstitions and the Sea
The Unknown Survivor by Guest Columnist Laura Nelson
Who Drinks with Blackbeard? by Guest Columnist Calvin Z. Heyward
Alexander Selkirk
Dominique Youx, Intrepid Warrior
Canadian Privateers
Fells Point and the Baltimore Privateers
James Forten
Jean Fleury
Jean Laffite, Enigma and Legend
Jonathan Haraden by Guest Columnist James Masciarelli
Pirate or Privateer, Rogue or Hero? by Guest Columnist Mark M. McMillin
The Privateers - an Introduction
Ships & Maritime History
Curious Pirate Ships
A Fateful Voyage: The Story of the 1715 Treasure Fleet, Pirates, and a Tercentenary

Galleys to Junks
Pirate Ships
Pirate Ships of the West
Shipwrecked Treasure Galleons
The Spanish Galleons
Trading Companies: An Introduction

Pirate Links SmiliePirate Links

Activities for Young Pirates
Exotic Ports of Call
Modern Piracy
Notorious Pirates
Pirate Literature
Ships and Sailing
Treasure Troves

Bookaneer SmilieThe Bookaneer

Books for Young Pirates
Books for Pirate Apprentices and Young Adults
Books for Adults - Fiction
Books for Adults - Nonfiction
5-Star Review Books
The Aden Effect
The Admiral's Pursuit
Amber Wake
Armada's Wake
At Drake's Command
The Ballade of Mary Reede
Barbarians on an Ancient Sea
The Barbary Pirates
Barbary Slave
The Bermuda Privateer
Black & Mist
The Black Ship
Black Sails & Crossbones
The Black Ring
Black Tarantula
Blood Brothers
Blood for Blood
The Bloody Black Flag
Bloody Seas
Blue Water, Scarlet Tide
A Bottle of Rum
The Braver Thing
Bring It Close

The Buccaneer Coast
Captain Easterday's Bargain
Captain James Lockwood
Captain Sinister’s Lady
The Captain's Nephew
Charity's Cross
The Dark of the Moon
Demon Pirate
Demons & Pearls
The Devil's Wind
The Distant Ocean
Dockyard Dog

Dragons & Dirigibles
The English Monster
Evening Gray Morning Red and
Evening Gray Morning Red
Fata Morgana
Fin Gall
Fire Aloft
Fletcher and the Flying Machine
Flint and Silver
Flower Boat Girl
For King and Commonwealth
Force 12 in German Bight
Fortune's Horizon
Fortune's Whelp
The Further Exploits of the Pirate Queens
Gather the Shadowmen
Gentlemen and Fortune
Glendalough Fair
The George Abercrombie Fox Series
The Guise of a Gentleman

Harbor of Spies
Hell Around the Horn
H. M. S. Barabbas
HMS SeaWolf
Hook's Tale
In Like Flynn
In Northern Seas
aded Tides
The Jefferson Key
Judas Island (The Promise of Gold Trilogy)
In the Time of Worms
An Inception of Piracy
The King's Chameleon
A Kiss in the Wind
Larcum Mudge
The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk
The Legendary Adventures of the Pirate Queens
The Liberty Bride
Loch Garman
Magic of Blood and Sea
Master of the Sweet Trade
The Midgard Serpent
Mistress of the Sea
The Money Ship
The Mountain of Gold
Navigating the Storm
Night Wolf
No Rest for the Wicked
Not Self But Country
Of a Great Deep
On the Account

On the Lee Shore
The Only Life That Mattered
Once a Scoundrel
The Patriot's Fate
Philip Nolan
Pieces of Eight

Pirate Alley
The Pirate and the Puritan
The Pirate Captain
Pirate Code
Pirate Heiress
Pirate King
The Pirate Lord
The Pirate Next Door
The Pirate Raiders
The Pirate Rebel
The Pirate Round
The Pirate's Debt
The Pirate's Duchess
The Pirate's Duty
Pirate's Tale
Pirates: Masterworks of Adventure
Pirates & Privateers
Pirates of Pensacola
Pirates' Pay
The Power & the Glory
The Prodigal
The Queen of the Caribbean
Raider's Wake
The Ransom
The Reaper
Redeeming the Pirate
The Redemption
Remarkable Rascal
Ripples in the Sand
Sailor of Liberty
Sandokan: The King of the Sea
Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia
Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem
Sea Robber
Secret Harbor
A Ship for the King
A Ship of War
Skull and Bones
A Sloop of War
Steam & Stratagem
Storm Swept
The Sugar Inferno
The Sugar Rebellion
The Sugar Sacrifice
Summon the Queen
Surgeon’s Mate
Swords of Waar
The Terran Privateer
Those in Peril
The Tides of Avarice
Timeless Treasure
To Tame the Wind
The Traitor of Treasure Island
Traits & Traitors
True Colors
A Turn of the Tide
The Turn of the Tide
Upon the Malabar Coast
A Vengeful Wind
Vital Spark
When the Mermaid Sings
The Wrath of Brotherhood
Admiral Albert Hastings Markham
The Alliance of Pirates
America's Privateer
Anne Bonny
The Ballycotton Job
Barbary Captives
The Barbary Pirates
The Barbary Wars
Barons of the Sea
Bizarro Buccaneers
Black Flag of the North
Black Flags, Blue Waters
Blackbeard Reconsidered
Blackbeard's Sunken Prize
Bonhomme Richard vs. Serapis
Born to Be Hanged
Bound for the East Indies
British Piracy in the Golden Age
British Pirates in Print and Performance
Building the Wooden Fighting Ship
Captain Kidd's Lost Ship
Catholic Pirates and Greek Merchants
Children at Sea
Citizen Sailors
The Coffin Ship
Colonial Virginia's War Against Piracy
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pirates
Conquering the Pacific
Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia
Coping with Capture

Coxinga and the Fall of the Ming Dynasty
Crusoe, Castaways and Shipwrecks in the Perilous Age of Sail
The Cutty Sark Pocket Manual
Dangerous Waters: Modern Piracy and Terror on the High Seas
De Ruyter
The Desert and the Sea
Destruction of the Steamboat Sultana
Dictionary of Pyrate Biography 1713-1720
Drake: For God, Queen, and Plunder
The Dutch in the Medway
Elusive Pirates, Pervasive Smugglers
Empire of Blue Water
Empire of Ice and Stone
The Everything Pirates Book
Female Tars
For God and Glory
The Four Days' Battles of 1666
Frigate Commander
From Across the Sea
A Furious Sky
Gentlemen’s Blood
The Global Schooner
The Glorious First of June
The Golden Age of Piracy
The Golden Age of Piracy
The Greatest Fury
Guide to Pirate Parenting
The Hated Cage
History of Navigation
HMS Victory 1765-1812
HMS Victory: First Rate 1765
Hornblower's Historical Shipmates
How to Survive in the Georgian Navy
Hunting the Last Great Pirate
If a Pirate I Must Be...
In the Shadow of Nelson
Inside the US Navy of 1812-1815
Intrepid Sailors
Kings of the Seas
Lafitte the Pirate
The Last Days of Black Beard
The Legal History of Pirates & Privateers
The Life and Tryals of the Gentleman Pirate, Major Stede Bonnet
The Lost Story of the William & Mary
Man of War
The Maritime Heritage of the Cayman Islands
The Master Shipwright's Secrets
A Modern Plague of Pirates
Monsoon Traders
Most Secret and Confidential
Mutiny on the Spanish Main
Nelson's Band of Brothers
Nelson's Victory
No Limits to Their Sway
The Notorious Captain Hayes
The Notorious Edward Low
Off the Deep End
The Palatine Wreck
Perilous Fight
Piracy: The Complete History
Piracy...Terrorism...Malacca Straits
Pirate Alley

The Pirate Hunter: the True Story of Captain Kidd
Pirate Hunters
Pirate Killers
Pirate Nests and the Rise of the British Empire, 1570-1740
The Pirate Next Door
The Pirate Primer
The Pirate Round
The Pirate Ship 1660-1730
The Pirate Soul
Pirate Women
The Pirate World
Pirates: A History
Pirates: Fact & Fiction
Pirates: Predators of the Seas
Pirates: Truth and Tales
Pirates Aboard
Pirates & Privateers from Long Island Sound to Delaware Bay
The Pirates' Code
Pirates in History and Popular Culture
Pirates of New England
The Pirates of Somalia
Pirates of the Americas
Pirates in the Age of Sail
Pirates, Jack Tar, and Memory
The Pirates Laffite
Pirates of the East Coast...Caribbean Sea (CD)
Pirates, Terrorists, and Warlords
The Politics of Piracy
Raiders and Natives
Raising Black Flags
Real Canadian Pirates
Rebels at Sea
The Republic of Pirates
Revolutionary War Law and Lawyers
The Royal Navy 1793-1800
Royal Tars
Sailing East
The Sea Rover's Practice
Shipwrecks and Other Maritime Disasters of the Maine Coast
Ships of Oak Guns of Iron
Skull & Saltire
Somalia, the New Barbary?
Sovereign of the Seas 1637
Spanish Galleon vs. English Galleon 1550-1605
To the Walls of Derne
Trading in War
The Trafalgar Chronicle
Tudor & Stuart Seafarers
Vikings at War
Villains of All Nations
Voyage to Jamestown
The Travels of Reverend Ólafur Egilsson
The War of 1812
The Way of the Ship
Whaling Captains of Color
What Ship, Where Bound?
Wooden Warship Construction
The World Atlas of Piracy
X Marks the Spot Alex and the Ironic Gentleman

Baltazar and the Flying Pirates
Bloody Jack
The Book of Pirates
Capt. Hook
The Captain's Nephew
Captured by Pirates

The Dagger Quick
The Dangerous Legacy
Daughter of the Pirate King
Deadly Waters
Discovering Pirates
Emily Windsnap and the Pirate Prince
Ghost Ship
The Ghost Ship
Inside Out: Pirate Ship
Isle of Swords
The Jolley-Rogers and the Ghostly Galleon
The Jolley-Rogers and the Pirate Piper
Katherine of Carrick
Keeper of the Island

Kemosha of the Caribbean
Lintang and the Pirate Queen
Lost in the Antarctic
Lost Treasures of the Pirates of the Caribbean

Magic Marks the Spot
Misty Gordon and the Mystery of the Ghost Pirates
My Mom the Pirate
Natalie's Good Fortune
Nathan Fox: Seas of Blood
Ned's Diary
Nick of Time

Peter and the Starcatchers
Peter Raven under Fire
Pirate Adventures
The Pirate Captain's Daughter
Pirate Diary
Pirate Queen
Pirate Queen: The Legend of Grace O'Malley

Pirate Ship
Pirate’s Handbook
The Pirate's Legacy
The Pirate's Sister

Pirates (series)
Pirates of the North Carolina Coast
Pirates Off and On Again
Pirates Off the Mark

The Pirates of Scurvy Sands
Pirates, Ships, and Sailors

Polly and the Pirates
The Pop-up Book of Ships
Race to the Bottom of the Sea
The REAL Story of Pirates
Sandokan: The King of the Sea

Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia
Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem
Scratch and the Pirates of Paradise Cove
Sea of Kings
Sea Queens

See-Through Pirates
The Sinking of the Vasa
Sinking the Sultana
The Sugar Revolution
The Tides of Avarice
Tides of Mutiny
The Treasure of Barracuda
Two Times a Traitor
Uncle Pirate

Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates
Voyage of Plunder
The Voyage of the Sea Wolf
The Whydah
Will of the Pirates

Worse Things Happen at Sea!

1001 Pirate Things to Spot
An ABC of Pirates
Are Pirates Polite?
Are You the Pirate Captain?
Battle for the Knotty List
The Best Pirate

Best Pirate
Cap'n McNasty's Pirate Guide
Captain Monty Takes the Plunge
The Castaway Pirates
Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime
Fluffy: Scourge of the Sea
The Grumpy Pirate
Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies
I Love My Pirate Papa
Inside Jolly Roger's Pirate Ship
A Li’l Pirate’s ABSeas
The Night Pirates
No Pirates Allowed! Said Library Lou
Pirate & Penguin
The Pirate Jamboree
Pirate Nell's Tale to Tell
Pirate Pete's Giant Adventure
Pirate Santa
Pirate vs. Pirate

Pirate's Perfect Pet
Pirates Don't Change Diapers
Pirates Don't Dance!
Pirates Magnified
The Pirates of Scurvy Sands
Port Side Pirates!
The Quiet Pirate
See Inside Pirate Ships
Small Saul
Swashbarklers of the Sea
Treasure Ship
When You're a Pirate Dog and Other Pirate Poems


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