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Caribbean Islands

Boswell, Thomas D., and Dennis Conway. The Caribbean Islands. Rutgers University Press, 1992.

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Caribbean at sunset

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Sneaking a peek
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Fashion History

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Braun &
                Schneider's Historic Costume -- Empire Style

Braun &
                Schneider's Historic Costume -- Empire Style

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Fencing & Dueling

Duel with swords
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                  Teller's Crystal Ball

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Food, Drink, & Entertainment

Coffee Grinder

19th Century Plantation Cuisine. Friends of Magnolia Mound Plantation. [ -- verified 7/6/2015]
19th Century Social Dance. Mixed Pickles' Vintage Dance Timeline [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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Furnishings, Houses, & Trades

18th Century Furniture. Living History Shop, 2009-2011. [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

Artificial Flowers. The Flower Expert. [ -- verified 7/6/2015]
Astor & Horwood Square Pianoforte - Circa 1813. Palace Pianos [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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Madame John's Legacy, a historic property of the Louisiana State Museum (handout)

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                John's Legacy, French Quarter

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Justice and Courts

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US Supreme Court

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Languages & Writing
107 Famous Quotes by Sir Walter Scott. World of Quotes (2011). [ -- verified 7/6/2015]
1775 Naval Terms and Slang. HMS Richmond [ -- verified 7/6/2015]
295 Famous Quotes by Alexander Pope. World of Quotes (2011).
[ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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Battle Quotes. Finest Quotes [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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GardenBayou LaffiteLaffite's
                    Blacksmith Shop (Laffite never owned property)St. Louis Cathedral
Daniel T. Patterson's letter of 10 October 1814, to Secretary of the Navy about raid on Barataria from Nile's Weekly Register VII:11 (1815), page 166.
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New Orleans
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919-923 Royal Street. View Carr
é Digital Survey. [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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Maritime & Naval History
HMS ResolutionFurling sails in a stormBattle at seaRiverboat
American Navy
1812 US Navy Uniforms [ -- verified 7/6/2015]

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Bombardment of Fort McHenry, September 1814

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Money & Auctions

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                  with flowers

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Novels & Films

Documentaries & Movies
American Experience: Hurricane of '38

Battles That Changed the World Series
Battle of New Orleans
The Buccaneer – starring Frederic Marsh
The Buccaneer – starring Yul Brynner

The Great Ships Series - A & E
Armament (1998)
Frigates (1996)
Whalers, Galleons, Clippers & Frigates (1996)
Magical Worlds: Voodoo in Haiti - Discovery Channel
Master and Commander: Far Side of the World
Myth of the Spanish Inquisition (Ancient Mysteries) - A & E

Napoleon Bonaparte and the Battle of Austerlitz - A&E Biography
Napoleon's Last Battle - A & E

Pirate Tales. Turner Original Productions, 1995.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Raging Planet: Hurricane - Discovery Channel

Secret World of Dreams - The Learning Channel
The Story of Naval Weapons: The Great Ships - Armament. A & E, 1998.

Tall Ship: High Sea Adventure – Discovery Channel


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William Charles Cole Claiborne, Gover
                    of LouisianaAndrew
                    Jackson, 7th President of the USAJean
                    Livingston by J. L. LongacreDolley
                    Madison by Gilbert Stuart
William Charles Cole Claiborne
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Folder 7. 12 September 1812. Crossing, prizes, and expenses of Le Pandoure signed by Captain Frederic You. [in French]
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Pirates & Privateers

Divide the
                  Treasure by Howard Pyle

                  Pirate by Howard Pyle

Marooned by
                  Howard Pyle

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