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Favorite Research Links
(updated 17 July 2021)

Please note: The primary purpose of this page is to provide authors with quality websites for research for their novels or books.
While others, such as students and educators, may visit and consult these resources, this is not a page for links that are merely links to other websites.
Nor is it geared toward finding information to help in our everyday modern lives.

The Categories

American (US) History

Asian History


Canadian History

Costume History

Crime & Punishment

Currency & Economics


English & Welsh History

European History

Folklore & Mythology

Food and Drink

General Reference

Health & Psychology

Hearth & Home

History (General)

History of Medicine

Languages & Dictionaries

Law and Copyright

Medieval Times & Viking Era


Readers' Sites

Rodeo, Old West, & Western Frontier

Scottish History & Scotland


War & Dueling

Women and Women's History

Writers' Sites

American (US) History

The American Founders Online
American Life Histories
Ben Franklin
First-person Narratives of American South
The Papers of Abraham Lincoln
 Thomas Jefferson Papers

Colonial America
American Centuries
Building Community
(Medieval Technology & American History)
Colonial House
Colonial North American Project
(at Harvard University)
Mayflower History
Virtual Jamestown

Crime, Punishment, & Death
Duluth Lynchings
Dying Speeches & Bloody Murders
Goody Parsons Witchcraft Case
Puritan Scrabble

Education & Occupations
An 18th-century Trades Sampler
19th-century Schoolbooks
The Cooper

Cooper at Colonial Williamsburg
Everyday Life of a Coal Mining Company Town
New London Texas School Explosion

American Radio: The First Hundred Years
Dime Novel and Popular Literature
An Invitation to Dance
Mercury Theatre on the Air

National Jukebox
Nebraska Toy Stories
Passion for Circus
Some Enchanted Evenings

(American Picture Palaces)
Vaudeville Nation

Folklife in Louisiana
Wessels Living History Farm
(1920s-1960s - Nebraska)


American Presidency Project
History of the Small Business Administration

   Presidents of the United States

Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the 1930s
American Experience: The 1930s
America in the 1930s
The Civilian Conservation Corps
Crash of 1929
Dust Bowl Migration Archives
Hobo Signs & Symbols
Riding the Rails...Great Depression
WPA Maps
Declaration of Independence

History & Historical
Afro-Louisiana History and Genealogy
An American Time Capsule

Archive of Early American Images
Authentic History Center
The Black Past
Chronicling America

(Historic American Newspapers)
Colorado Historic Newspaper Collection
Docs Teach
(The National Archives Experience)
Documenting the American South
Early Presidential Collections
Everett Massacre Collection
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Historic Iowa Children's Diaries
Historical Voices
Isaiah Thomas Broadside Ballads Project
North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project

Picture History
Strange Fruit
Thomas Jefferson

Witness to the Early American Experience

Native Americans
American Indian Oral History
Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian
IDA Treaties Explorer
National Museum of the American Indian Collection

Vanished Worlds, Enduring People

Life Histories of North American Birds

19th Century
Dramas of the Haymarket Affair
The Gentleman's Page

(Practical Guide...19th Century American Man)
 Hard Times: Down and Out in Antebellum America
Nineteenth Century in Print
Reconstruction: the Second Civil War

Antislavery Collection, 1725-1911
Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life

Born in Slavery
Trans-Atlantic Slave Database

Underground Railroad
Uncle Tom’s Cabin and American Culture
Voices from the Days of Slavery
(Former Slaves Tell Their Stories)

Revolution and Independence
Colonial Williamsburg
Coming of the American Revolution
Continental Congress & Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789
Intelligence in the War of Independence
Rochambeau Map Collection
Spy Letters of the American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia
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Asian History

Chinese Paper Gods
Naxi Manuscript Collection
Song Dynasty


National Archives of Japan
Scrolls of the Mongol Invasion of Japan

South Asia

Digital South Asia Library

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Calendars & Timelines
Calendar Calculator
Calendar for any Year
Calendars through the Ages
dMarie Time Capsule
Ecclesiastical Date Calculator
History Orb
(1,700 Years of History)
HyperHistory Online
Origin of Major Religions

Our Timelines

Perpetual Calendar
Timelines of History
Walk Through Time

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Canadian History
Canadian flag

A Reader's Guide to the History of Newfoundland and Labrador
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Costume History

Costume History


Jewelry at Historic New England
A Natural History of the Artist's Palette
Ruffs, Ribbons, Collars and Cravats

Celtic Costume
Before the Clearances
Buying your kilt
Celtic Dress of the 16th Century
Evolution of the Kilt
On the Dignity of Wearing Kilts
Scottish Register of Tartans
Scottish Tartan Museum

An Introduction to Cosplay Culture

Once Upon a Cosplay

Fashion Terminology
Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coats of Arm
Glossary 18th-century Costume Terminology
Medieval Timeline in Fashion and Events

Encyclopedias & Galleries
All Sewn Up
American Revolution Clothing

(French, English, Colonial)
An Agreeable Tyrant
Costume Gallery

The Costume Institute
The Costumer's Manifesto
Etchings of Rustic Figures
Fashion & Courtship in the Victorian Era
Fashion History Timeline
Fashion Plate Collection
Godey's Lady's Book
Historic Threads
History of Costume by Braun & Scheider

Kent State University Museum Gallery of Costume
Kyoto Digital Archives
Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion

Nicole Kipar's Late 17th-century Clothing History
Milieux: the Costume Site
Realm of Venus
(clothes of Italian Renaissance)
Reforming Fashion, 1850-1914
Screen Search Fashion
(1920s and 1930s)
Standardization of Women’s Clothing
Texas Fashion Collection
Two Centuries of Costume in America
(Volume 1 1620-1820)
European Costume
Second-hand Clothing in Medieval France

A Suit of Clothes

Hair Styles & Hats

Hairstyle History
History of Shaving
The History of the World in Hair

The Meaning of the Mustache
Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century

Truth about Big Hair of the 1770s

(part 2)
Vintage Hair Fashion

500-year History of the Pocket

Eighteenth Century Pockets

Scottish Register of Tartans

Scottish Tartans Authority


Brief History of Shoes
Evolution of the High Heel Shoe
Footwear of the Middle Ages

Dressed to the Nines

(baseball uniforms)

Sumptuary Laws

Medieval Florence



Fashion & Textiles
Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion

Textile Museum

Textiles and Clothing
Textiles Scotland
VADS: Textiles Collection
Werner's Nomenclature of Colour


18th Century Noblewoman's Fashion
Corsets, Whalebones and Waist-whittlers

How to Dress an 18th-century Gentleman

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Crime & Punishment
In Jail
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Currency & Economics

Colonial Currency
Currency Converter
Currency Converter: 1270-2017
Current Value of Old Money
Economics...English Coinage Denominations
English Currency
Historical UK Inflation Rates & Calculator
How Much Is That?

Inflation Calculator
Inflation Calculator
Inflation Calculator
Marteau Early 18th-Century Currency Converter
Measuring Worth
Purchasing Power British Pound 1270-Present

Scottish Money in the 1600s
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1906 Earthquake and Fire
1906 San Francisco Earthquake
The Great New Madrid Earthquake

American Experience: Triangle Fire
The Triangle Factory Fire
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

1900 Storm - Galveston Hurricane
Hurricane of '38


Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Medication Disaster Plan

Safety Tips & Checklists
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English & Welsh History

English cottages

British History Online
British Library

British Library Online Newspaper Archive

British Library's Collect Britain
Early 18th-Cen. Newspaper Reports
Hidden Lives Revealed
History of the United Kingdom

National Library of Wales

National Portrait Gallery

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oliver Cromwell

Clash of Iron When Civilizations Meet

Elizabethan England

In Search of Shakespeare
Life in Elizabethan England
Renaissance, the Elizabethan World

Shakespeare and Renaissance England

Entertainment & Literature
Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads


Renaissance Festival Books

History & Government
British Titles of Nobility
Early British Kingdoms
Hereditary Titles

History Extra Podcasts

History of Parliament
History of York
History Online

TEAMS Middle English Texts

Industry & Trade
Cotton Town
  Historical Directories England and Wales
Spinning the Web
Trade Union Ancestors
Windmill World
The Workhouse

Cyfraith Hywel

Camelot International: Tower of London
Crace Collection of Maps of London
 Georgian London Street and Business Index
Greenwood’s Map of London 1827
London 1753
London: A Life in Maps
London Maps
London Picture Archive
Map of Early Modern London

Tower of London

Medieval England
Essential Norman Conquest
The Legend of Robin Hood

Medieval English Towns
Medieval English Towns Glossary
Medieval Imaginations
Medieval Soldier in Later Medieval England

World of Chaucer

Monarchs & Royalty
Elizabeth I
Henry VIII

Henry VIII: Man and Monarch

Bewick's History of British Birds
Horses for Courses

Regency Era
Jane Austen Online Magazine
Nancy Regency Researcher

Resources for Writers of Regency Fiction

Victorian Era
The Book of Household Management
Charles Booth's London
Dictionary of Victorian London
Literary Liaisons
Mostly Victorian
Saint Valentine's Little Tokens of Love

Servants: Their Hierarchy and Duties
Street Sellers

Soyer's Shilling Cookery for People

Victorian Britain
Victorian Domestic Servant Hierarchy and Wage Scale
Victorian Literary Studies Archive
Victorian London: Booth Poverty Map Project
Victorian Middle Classes

The Victorian Web
The Victorians

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European History

Bibliotheca Palatina Digital
Glossary of European Titles
The History Guide

Lectures on Modern European Intellectual History


French Revolution Digital Archive
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

(Exploring the French Revolution)
Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution
Napoleonic Guide
 Paris in the 19th Century
Poulet Gauche: 16th-century French Tavern

About Life after the Holocaust
Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State

Auschwitz Untold
Holocaust Encyclopedia
Discover the Hidden History of the Holocaust

Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust

Interviews with Holocaust Survivors

Letters to Sala
(Young woman’s life in Nazi Labor Camps 1939-1945)
Music, Memory, and Resistance during the Holocaust

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Yad Vashem

The Battle of the Boyne
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

The Great Hunger Database

In Search of Ancient Ireland
Ireland’s History in Maps
Irish Resources in the Humanities
 The Irish Revolution
Letters of 1916
Singing the Praises of Ireland

Know the Romans!
Medici Archive Project
Roman Empire in the First Century
(Internet Ancient History Sourcebook)

Northern Ireland
Ulster Folk & Transport Museum

Russia History Websites
Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire
Romanov articles

Russia Engages the World, 1453–1825

Love Customs in 18th Century Spain

Witchcraft, Demonology and the Inquisition

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Folklore & Mythology
Crystal ball
American Folklore

Celtic Folklore
Encyclopedia Mythica
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts

Love Tarot Reading
Reading Tea Leaves
Tarot Card Meanings
Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card Meanings
Trusted Tarot (including free reading)
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Food & Drink

Complete History of Coffee
Tea Glossary & Tea Terms

Elizabethan Era
Elizabethan Food

Cookbooks & Recipes
Convivial Supper
Feeding America

Food in General
Encyclopedia of Spices
Essential Spices

Food Timeline
Gallery of Regrettable Food
History of Sandwiches
Not by Bread Alone
Topher’s Breakfast Cereal Character Guide
What's Cooking?

Emergence of Dairy Butter
Growing a Nation

Middle Ages
Medieval and Early Modern Cookery: Resources
Medieval & Renaissance Brews

Medieval & Renaissance Culinary Terms
Medieval Cookery
The Middle Ages

Packaging Food
Ancient Firkins

American Food in the Age of Experiment
Did You Know? Facts about Mediterranean Food History

Setting the Table
History of Eating Utensils


1850s & 1860s Hotel and Restaurant Menus
American Diner Museum
Lost World of the London Coffeehouse
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General Reference

The Avalon Project
British Newspaper Archive
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

David Rumsey Map Collection

Historical Maps at Hargrett Library

Historical Newspapers Online
Internet Library of Early Journals
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Library of Congress
Making of America
The National Archives (US)

NYPL Picture Collection
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

Project Gutenberg

The Pennsylvania Gazette
Repositories of Primary Sources

Time Magazine Archive
Resources for Research: Periodicals
Working Class Movement Library

Chipper Birds

Cyber Information
Internet Safety

Games We Play
An Invitation to Dance
Journal of 17th-Century Music

Online Museums
LC Rare Book & Special Collections
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
NYPL Digital Gallery
  Thomas Jefferson’s Library
Vatican Museums

Reference Resources (General)
All Over the Map
BBC Country Profiles
CIA World Factbook

Easy Unit Converter


Reference Desk

Six Techniques to Get More from the Web
Symbols, Signs, & Flags
Top Documentary Films
(US newspapers) 
Visual Dictionary

Patron Saints

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Health & Psychology

Addiction & Recovery
Abbey Care Foundation
Addiction Group
Addiction Resource
All Points North Lodge Infographics

Detoxing from Alcohol Addiction
Drug & Alcohol Addiction

(The Recovery Village)
  Drug Rehab Advice Center
Drug Rehab Connections
Drug Rehab Guides for Addiction & Mental Health
Fentanyl: All You Need to Know about the Deadly Drug
Heroin in the United States

How to Get Teens to Stop Vaping

Signs of Addiction
Step by Step Recovery

Steroid Abuse Prevention in Young Males
Stimulant Addiction and Abuse
UK Addiction Treatment Centres

Lung Cancer Center

Death & Grief
6 Ways Grief Counseling Can Help You
Survivors of Suicide Loss

Diagnosed with Mesothelioma?
Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center
Mesothelioma Fund
Mesothelioma Guide
Mesothelioma Hub
Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
Treat Mesothelioma

                  & Brain (Wimimedia Commons)

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Hearth & Home


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History (General)

Illuminated Manuscript Page
African Online Digital Library

The Best of Legends

Børre Ludvigsen Digital Archive
Byzantine Spies and Espionage

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Children and Youth in History

EyeWitness to History
Historical Country Names
Historical Text Archive
History & Travel

History Detectives

The History Index
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
Jewish History

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends

Regnal Chronologies
Slave Revolt in Jamaica
Spartacus Educational

The Ultimate History Project
(early recorded sounds)

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History of Medicine & Medical Research

Dream Anatomy
History of the Body
Museum of Menstruation

Ancient Medicine
Greek Medicine

Barber Surgeons, Physicians, & Nurses
Barber Surgeon
Chinese Medicine History

History of Nursing
Red Gold

Birth Injury Guide


Beyond Affliction 
Disability History Museum
Famous People with Disabilities

Folk Medicine
Celtic Medicine in Scotland

Online Herbal Encyclopedia

Historical References
The History of Dentistry
History of Medicine & Medical Humanities
History of the Health Sciences

Images from the History of Medicine
Influential Female Nurses
Islamic Medicine
Medical Heritage Library
National Library of Medicine

Turning the Pages Online
Zeno's Forensic Site


Infectious Diseases
1918 Influenza Pandemic  
Benjamin Rush, Yellow Fever, Birth of Modern Medicine

Deadly Virus
Influenza 1918
Influenza Epidemic of 1918
 Insects, Disease, and History
Most Dangerous Woman in America – Typhoid Mary
Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World


Celebration of Ether

Medical Terms and Diseases
Rudy's List of Archaic Medical Terms

War Medicine
Battle-scarred (American Civil War)
Medical Antiques
Medicine, Health, & History
Military Medicine 18th & 19th Centuries

Understanding a Veteran with PTSD

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Languages & Dictionaries



American English Dialect Recordings
American Languages: Our Nation's Many Voices
British Dialect Translator

Dialects of International English Archives


Fine Dictionary
Icelandic Dictionary Online
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Ojibwe People's Dictionary
OneLook Dictionary Search
OneLook Thesaurus & Reverse Dictionary

Your Dictionary

English of the Past
How to Speak 19th Century
Introduction to Old English
Middle English Dictionary
Old English
Old English / Anglo-Saxon
Old English Online

Old English to Modern English Translator
World Wide Words
Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Historical Thesaurus of English
Online Etymology Dictionary

Beginners' Latin
Early Indo-European Online
Language Construction Kit

Roget's Thesaurus (1911)
Power Thesaurus
Separated by a Common Language

What Is Irish?
The Word Detective

Comunn Gaidhlig Inbhir Nis
(The Gaelic Society of Inverness)
Dictionary of the Scots Language
Faclair Gaidhlig: Gaelic-English
Sabhal Mor Ostaig
(Scottish Gaelic College)
Scottie Translator
Scottish Vernacular Dictionary

1736 Canting Dictionary
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Cant A-F and Cant G-Z
A Dictionary of Slang
Them's Fighting Words: Old French Insults

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes - Hard-boiled Slang
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Law & Copyright

The 5 W's of Copyright Registration
But It's Protected
Can I Copyright My Band Name?

Can I Use Song Lyrics in My Manuscript?
Copyright Lectures
Copyright Navigator

Copyright Renewal Database
Copyright Term and the Public Domain
Copyright Violation Redux
Crash Course in Copyright
Creative Commons Guide for Authors
Empowering Authors around Copyright

Fair Use – Copyright

How to Send a DMCA Takedown Notice
I've Been Infringed, Now What?

Lyrics in Books

Primary Sources on Copyright, 1450-1900
Right to Display Public Domain Images
Ultimate Guide to Copyright
U.S. Copyright Office
A Writer's Guide to Fair Use & Permissions

(with Sample Permissions Letter)

Dumb Laws
Famous Trials
Guide to Law Online

International Criminal Court
The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God
(Commentaries, English laws, William Blackstone)
Legal History: Crime and Punishment Research Guide
Tarleton Law Library

Year Books

(Medieval English law)

Publishing Law

How California's Law AB-5 Affects Writers
How to Legally Quote Song Lyrics in Your Book

Lyrics in Books

Pen Names

Publishing Law Center
Take Down Copyright Infringers

Song Lyrics
How to Legally Quote Song Lyrics in Your BookNew recommended link
Lyrics in Books: Your Questions Answered
New recommended link
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Medieval Times, the Renaissance, & the Viking Era

Castles & Knights
Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales

Castles on the Web
Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

Knights in Central Park

Life in a Welsh Castle
Medieval Castle
Medieval Siege
Templar History

The Crusades

History of the Crusades
Virtual Pilgrim

Entertainment, Food, & Drink
Gode Cookery
Medieval Cookery

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Medieval Games
Medieval Games and Recreation
Medieval Spice Trade

Home Life
Architecture in Renaissance Italy
Illuminating Fashion
(Dress in artwork of France & Netherlands)
Manners, Customs, and Dress
(Middle Ages & Renaissance)
Medieval and Early Modern Cookery
Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page
Pro Sponso et Sponsa
(Christian Marriage rituals in Northern Europe)

Anglo Saxon Chronicle

(Medieval & Renaissance manuscripts)
The Domesday Book Online
Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts
Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts
(from Western Europe)

Medieval Writing
Murthly Hours
Online Medieval & Classical Library
Two Medieval Manuscripts Reunited


Medieval Medicine

Early Medieval Surgical Knowledge
Index of Medieval Medical Images

Viking Answer Lady
Vikings - PBS' Nova

Elizabeth Chadwick’s Reference Library

(scientific instruments)
Global Medieval Sourcebook
Hypertext Medieval Glossary
The Making of Charlemagne's Europe
Medieval Bestiary

Medieval England and France, 700-1200
Medieval Sourcebook

Medieval Page
Medieval Resources
Medieval Seals

Medieval Siege
Middle Ages
The Middle Ages
Mostly Medieval
Ramon Llull Routes
Regia Anglorum
Renaissance Individualism Bibliography
Romanesque Churches
Victoria & Albert: Medieval & Renaissance

  Battle of Falkirk & the Execution of Wallace
Medieval Scotland

Murthly Hours
Paradox of Medieval Scotland 1093-1286
People of Medieval Scotland 1093-1314
Scottish Medieval Bibliography Index

Female Heterosexuality Late Medieval Europe
Rosalie's Medieval Woman
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Behind the Name

Double Given Names Before 1600
Feminine Given Names
Irish Baby Names
Irish Names

Medieval Names Archive

Oh Baby! Names
Popular Baby Names
Popular Scottish Forenames
Seventh Sanctum Character Name Generators
Victorian Era Names
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Readers' Sites

Knowing Poe
Louis L'Amour
Sloan McBride
Veronica Wolff
Wendy J. Dunn

Eastern North Carolina Digital Library
Folger Digital Texts
(Shakespeare's Plays)
Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes

(How to Find...Without Knowing Title/Author)
Rare Book Room

Palin's Attempt to Ban Books
Index on Censorship

Baldwin Children's Literature Project
Tribute to St. Nicholas Magazine
Virtual Children's Books Exhibits

Historical Romance Writers
RT Book Reviews

Girls reading

History & Information
Aspects of the Victorian Book
Who Reads an Early American Book?

Why Do Books Cost So Much?

Reading Guides
Reading Group Guides

Book Browse
  Cafe of Dreams
Coffee Time Romance
Historical Novels Review Online
Romance Reader at Heart
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Rodeo, the Old West, & the Western Frontier

American Cowgirl
   Cowboy Photographer: Erwin W. Smith
Donner Party
Drawing the Western Frontier
Jesse James
Mountain Men and the Fur Trade
Professional Bull Riders Association

Return to Contents List

Scotland & Scottish History

Archaeology & Architecture
Accessing Scotland's Past
The Chatelaine's Scottish Castles
Lothene Experimental Archaeology

RC Ancient & Historical Monuments
Scone Palace

Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports

Scottish Crannog Centre
Sites and Monuments Record: Aberdeen
Stirling Castle Palace

The Clearances
The Highland Clearances
Napier's Commission

Darien Scheme
Darien Venture

General Resources
Am Baile
BBC In Search of Scotland
Capital Collections
Celtic Guide
Electric Scotland

General Register Office for Scotland
Interactive Clan Battlefield Map
Interactive Clan Map of Scotland
National Library of Scotland Digital Gallery

Old Roads of Scotland
Proceedings -- Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Rampant Scotland Directory
Scottish Archive Network
Scottish Handwriting
The Word on the Street

Acts of Union

  Records of the Parliaments of Scotland to 1707

Isles of Scotland
  Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Life of Johnson: Tour to the Hebrides

St. Kilda

The 1745 Rebellion
Battle of Culloden
Battle of Prestonpans 1745
Culloden Battlefield
Jacobite Rebellions
Lyon in Mourning
Pickle the Spy

Having tea with Nessie


Books and Articles on Scotland
500 Years of Printing in Scotland
Scottish History in Print
Haco’s Expedition against Scotland
(Norwegian Account)
Scottish Chapbooks Project
Scottish Corpus of Texts & Speeches

Plant Life in the Scottish Highlands
    Scottish Natural Heritage

Clan Cameron
Clan Gregor
Clan MacPherson
Deceased Online
Scotlands People
Sir William Wallace

Churches in Scotland
Covenants and the Covenanters


Daemonolgie by James VI and I
Horrid Sinne of Witchcraft
Newes from Scotland
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft

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Transportation & Travel

American Journeys
Anatomy of the Bicycle
Cross Roads in England and Wales
Railroad Maps, 1828-1900
Taking the Wheel
Travel in America, 1750-1920
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War & Dueling
America at War
Experiencing War
Letters from America’s Wars
USMA Digital Collections
War Letters

Children & War
Beyond the Fire – Teen Experiences of War

Civil War - Britain
Civil Wars, Commonwealth, & Protectorate 1638-1660
Conflict (1688, 1745, & War for America)

Civil War - United States
American Civil War Manuscript Guides
Antietam on the Web
Britain and the American Civil War
Christmas in the Confederate White House

Christmas in Wartime
Civil War in America in the Illustrates London News
Civil War Era Collection at Gettysburg College
Civil War in Art
Civil War Letters of Forrest Little

Civil War Love letters
Civil War Weapons
Civil War Washington

Diary of a Civil War Nurse
Digital Civil War Collection
Gilmer Civil War Maps

Irish in the American Civil War
John Jacob Omenhausser’s Civil War Sketchbook
Nettleton Civil War Letters
Soldiers and Sailors Database
Unlocking a Civil War Prison

 Valley of the Shadow
Washington During the Civil War
Who Shall Tell the Story? Voices of Civil War Virginia
Women and the Homefront

Duels, Fencing & Weaponry
Armour Archive
The Arte of Defense
Blood & Iron Martial Arts

The Duel

Gutter Fighting

Historical Fencing Manuals
Life & Death Fencing
Top 7 Self Defense Moves for Women

Turul HEMA

Battle of New
                Orleans 1862

Medicine in War
Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries
Civil War Medicine

Soldier's Life
Christmas at War
A Soldier's Heart

War (General)
The History of Fighting
Military Rank

War Times Journal

World Wars & Later Wars
The Great War
Island at War

The Japanese American Evacuation and Resettlement
Veterans History Project

Vietnam Center and Archive
War Times Journal

World War One
World War One Document Archive

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Women & Women's History


American Women
American Women through Time
Anne Sullivan Macy
Annie Oakley
Civil War Women - Primary Sources
Do History
(Diary of Martha Ballard, Midwife)
Women's History Matters

Arab World
Women's World in Qajar Iran


The Education of Women
Women's Intellectual Contributions
Women Working, 1800-1930

English Women
Before Victoria
Hannah Snell


Jewish Women Historical Encyclopedia
Jewish Women's Archive

Love & Marriage
I Do
(19th-century Canada)

Scottish Women
Revealing Women
Women in Scottish History

Amelia Earhart papers
Wilder Shores
(Lady Travelers of the 18th & 19th Centuries)


War, Women & Survival
Warrior Women
Women and the Holocaust
Women of Ravensbruck
Women as Warriors in History


No Job for a Woman
A Woman’s Work is Never Done

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Writers' Sites

Agent Query
Are You Ready to Contact an Agent?
Association of Authors' Representatives

The Dating, er, Agent-Search Game
How To Find a Reputable Agent
How to Find & Pitch a Literary Agent
Interview with Carole Blake
Judging a Book by Its Cover
  Passion Pen’s Romance Agent List
Preditors & Editors
Space Kadet

Why You Need An Agent

Being Physically Assaulted by a Stranger
Being Unable to Save Everyone
Conflict Thesaurus
Doing Something Stupid While Impaired
Writing Fight Scenes with Female Characters

Book/Literary Contracts
The Business Rusch: Royalty Statements Update
Evaluating Publishing Contracts
Getting Out of Your Book Contract (Maybe)
How Lucky Can You Get?

(What Can Happen After You Sign a Contract)
How Much Should I Charge?
How Royalties are Calculated
The Importance of Self-Editing & Why You Need to Read Your Publishing Contracts

Negotiating Book Contract Terms and Royalties
The Payoff Will Be in Good Karma
Red Flag: When a Publisher Claims Copyright on Edits

Termination of Book & Music Publishing Contracts

3 Secrets to Writing Vivid Settings
4 Steps for Choosing What Details to Describe in a Scene
5 Ways to Layer Depth into Your Story
7 Narrative Structures All Writers Should Know
101 Best Writing Websites
Active vs. Passive Voice
Articles for Writers and Publishers

Author Network
Burry Man Writers Center
The Creative Academy
Deep Point of View
The Difference between Painting a Scene vs Dramatizing a Scene
Fiction University

Fiction Writer's Mentor
The History Quill Blog

How Should We Format Non-English Words?

How the Inciting Event Works in a Novel

How Long Should a Book Be?

How to Boil Loads of Research Down to a First Draft

How to Format Dialogue

How to Format Your Manuscript

How to Improve Our Story with Action Beats

How to Publish without Perishing

Long Ridge Writer's Craft
Manuscript Format

Narrative Distance

Nate's Big List of Free Courses for Authors

The Passionate Pen
The Recipe for Writing a Great Scene

Should We Include Trigger Warnings for Our Story

  Ten Questions to Improve Your Manuscript
That Difficult First Novel
Using Beats to Keep Readers Emotionally Engaged

What Is a Plot Point?
What You Should Know about the Three-act Structure
What's In a Name?
What's the Difference between an Inciting Incident and a First Plot Point?

Word Choice: What Does It Mean for Our Writing?

The Writer

Writer Online
Writers Write
Writing Crime

Writing Resources & Tips
Writing the Other

C. Dillon's Resources for Romance Writers
Some People Don’t Like Historicals
Weaving Faith into Fiction

Grammar and Style
Best Guide to Grammar and Professional Writing Styles
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Elements of Style
English Grammar
English Grammar Handbook
English Grammar Resources
Grammar and Punctuation Glossary
Guide to Grammar and Style
Guide to Grammar & Writing
Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See
Ultimate Grammar Cheat Sheet
Verbals: Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives

Emotions & Kinesics (Body Language)
5 Body Language Signs Reveal Danger

100 Words for Facial Expressions

Atlas of Emotions
Flesh Out Your Writing with Body Language
How to Read Body Language
The Nonverbal Dictionary
Using Body Language
What Is Emotional Context & Why Does Your Story Need It?


Marketing and Promotion
  Booksigning Tips from Larry James
Branding: The Right Way vs. The Wrong Way
The Business Rusch: Promotion
Going on a Virtual Book Tour
  The Real World of Virtual Book Touring
What Happens to Your Online Accounts When You Die

Write Your Own Book and Become an Expert

Publishing Industry
Four Paths to Publishing
Judging a Book by Its Cover Part II
Market News from Karen Fox
  Writing and Publishing News

Pitches, Queries, Synopses, & Submissions
6 Problems Your Query Letter Reveals about Your Novel
How to Pitch Your Book at a Writing Conference
How to Write a Query Letter in 7 Steps
How to Write a Synopsis

I am Your Editor: Submitting Your Novel
Preparing E-mail Queries
Query Letters that Get Noticed
Synopsis Writing Made Easy

Ten Minutes to Glory: Your Editor/Agent Pitch
The Value of a Great Book Synopsis

What Is a Synopsis?
What's Killing Your Query Pitch?

Write Your Query Letter Before You Write Your Next Book

Writing the Synopsis

Plotting, Characterization, & Hooks
6 Steps to Creating a Great Character

9 Questions You Must Ask Your Main Character

Avoid the Cliche "Strong Female Character"

Character Internalization

Creating a Compelling Protagonist

An Easy Way to Find Your Protagonist's Goal

How Do You Know If Your Protagonist Is Strong Enough?

How to Structure a Story
Literary Hooks
Master List of Character-building Resources

Plot Generator
Plot Tips for the Aspiring Author
Plotting with Michael Hague's Six Stage Plot Structure

Using Tarot to Develop Your Story
What's My Motivation?

Point of View
4 Ways a Strong POV Strengthens a Novel

How Does Our Character's POV Affect Our Story?

How Point-of-View Affects Dialogue

How to Weave Setting into a Deep POV

How to Write First-person Internalization
Is Our Story's Point of View Really What We Think It Is?

Keeping Your Distance

38 Google Plus Communities for Writers
Jeannie Ruesch’s Resources for Writers
 Literary Liaisons
Our Time Lines

20 Magazines that Publish Freelance Book Reviews

Dear Author Who Asked Me to Change My Review


Bests Tools for Indie Authors

Do Traditional Publishers Hate Self-published Authors?

Is Amazon Kindle Cheating Self-published Authors?

Self-publishing by the Book

Self-publishing Resources & Information

Should You Self-publish?
Tools, Tutorials & Resources for Authors & Writers

Why Am I So Against Traditional Publishing?

Why Query Letters Matter to Self-published Authors, Too

The Whys and Hows of Novel TranslationsNew recommended link

Tools for Writers & Writing
9 Ways Editing Software Can Improve Creative Writing

100 Best Websites for Writers

100+ Ways to Say "Interesting"
Backs (Ways to Describe)

The Best Book Editing Software for Modern Authors
Body Build and Physique (Ways to Describe)
Breath & Breathing (Ways to Describe)
Chins (Ways to Describe)
Count Words Free
Create a Powerful Story Cast
Describing Words
Fire (Ways to Describe)
How to Find Critique Partners & Beta Readers

How to Use a Plot Planner


NaNoWriMo Is Coming . . . Are You Ready?

Need NaNoWriMo Help?

OneLook Thesaurus

Pros and Cons of Plottr

Scrivener & One Stop for Writers

Story Structure Database
Ways to Create Catchy Character Names

Worksheets for Writers

Writing Tools

Writing as a Business

Are You Being Taken Advantage of as a Writer?
Authors and the Internal Revenue Code

Building a Writer’s Business Plan
Copyright and Technology
Crafting a Knockout Headline

Funds for Writers
Handling Writing Income and Expenses
How to Track & Fight Bad Trademarks

The Impersonation Game

Internet Resources on Citing
Tax Aspects of Authors/Writers/Screenwriters
Tax Tips for Small Businesses
Taxes and Writers
Taxes for Writers
Why Every Author Should Care about #Cockygate
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