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Recent Appearances & Book Signings

Pirates, Privateers, and Smugglers
and Book Signing
Historical Novel Society 5th North American Conference
St. Petersburg, Florida
21-23 June 2013

Cindy Vallar at HNS Conference in St. Petersburg
Photo courtesy of Rick Seymour, Conference Photographer

Cindy Vallar and Norma Jennings at book signingCindy Vallar and Rick Spilman at book signing
At the book signing with Norma Jennings (right), author of Daughter of the Caribbean, and Rick Spilman (left), author of Hell Around the Horn

American Privateers: The Wars of Independence
Captain Molly Corbin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Southlake, Texas
12 November 2011

DAR Emblem
Presentation National Library gift
Presentation of certificate of appreciation (Left) and donation of Gustavas Fox of the Union Navy: A Biography
 in my name to The Daughters of the American Revolution's national library in Washington, DC.

Honored Speaker Cindy Vallar and Loblolly Tom Vallar
Cindy, clad in dress attire of pyrate surgeon, and Tom, surgeon's mate

Privateers of the Wars of Independence

Cindy speaks about privateers during the American Revolution and the War of 1812

Mystery Dessert: Pirate Ship Cupcakes
A scrumptious dessert
Pirate ship cupcake

Dominique Youx, Intrepid Warrior

The Laffite Society
Galveston, Texas
11 October 2011
Dominique Youx Presentation

Researching and Writing Historical Fiction Presentation
Denton Writers League
10 September 2011
Denton, Texas
HF presentation

EPICon 2011

Williamsburg, Virginia
10 March 2011
Historical Fiction Workshop
Researching and Writing Historical Fiction
Self-editing Workshop
To Be and Not to Be and Other Editing Quandaries

Privateers of the American Revolution
82nd Birthday Luncheon -- Coral Gables Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Coral Gables, Florida
20 November 2010
Program Presentation

Brithday Cake
Table Decoration

The Saint and the Sinners: Cotton Mather and the Pirates
Major James MacGregor Chapter
Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century
University Park, Texas
13 October 2010
The Saint and the Sinners presentation The Saint and the Sinner presentation

While I talked about Cotton Mather and his visits to pirates and the preaching of their execution sermons, Tom read excerpts from Mather's published works.

Privateers of the American Revolution
Cross Timbers Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Flower Mound, Texas
16 October 2010
DAR appearanceDAR appearance

Writing and Researching Historical Ficiton Workshop
Texas Writers Guild
Richardson, Texas
20 September 2010
Historical Fiction Workshop

Bringing Pirates to Life Workshop
Denton Writers' Group, Texas
11 September 2010
Bringing Pirates to Life Worksho

British Royal Navy Workshop
Denton Writers' Group, Texas
14 August 2010
Royal Navy WorkshopRoyal Navy Workshop

Meet Local Author Cindy Vallar
Haltom City Public Library, Texas
23 June 2010
Haltom City Public Library AppearanceHaltom City Public Library Appearance

Maryland Writers Association Conference
Hunt Valley, Maryland
24 May 2010
Conducting workshop on researching and writing historical fiction

Scottish Tartan Festival
Minden, Louisiana
10 April 2010

Cameron TentHighland Calf

Haltom City Library
A Night of Romance
Haltom City, Texas
24 February 2010

Reading The Scottish ThjistleDiscussing writing and my career

Writer's Guild of Texas
Richardson, Texas
21 September 2009

Speaking about writing and researching historical fiction

Denton Writers League
Denton, Texas
14 February 2009

Denton Writers League -Researching & Writing Historical Fiction, Self-editing Tips

Louisiana Highland Games
Jackson, Louisiana
15 December 2008
Clan Cameron Display

Clan Cameron TentHighland Cow

Denton Writers League
Denton, Texas
8 November 2008
Denton Writers League 2008Denton Writers League 2008

The Many Faces of Piracy
California University of Pennsylvania
California, Pennsylvania
18-19 September 2008

Many Faces of Piracy signSpeaking on Pirate Surgeons
Cindy speaks about Pirate Dress, Pirate Surgeons, and Modern Piracy.

Combat DemonstrationCombat Demonstration
Members of the Historical Maritime Combat Association demonstrate techniques pirates used.

Denton Public Library - South Branch
Denton, Texas
14 August 2007

Displaying the Jolly RogerPeering through Spyglass
Two young pirates unfurl a Jolly Roger, while the Pirate Lady surveys her crew.

Dressing like a Pirate
One lucky young lad dons a green bandana to start dressing like a scurvy dog!

Learning to Draw Pirates
Activity time begins with drawing their own pirates.

Arlington Public Library
Arlington, Texas
17 July 2007
3 Pirates
Tom and I pose with Librarian Amber Roy

Pirates Galore! with H. J. Ralles
Barnes & Noble, Denton, Texas
30 June 2007
Cindy, HJ RAlles, and Tom
Tom and I pose with H. J. Ralles before our event.

Cindy and the guys match pirates to flags
Who's Jolly Roger do I see?

Cindy and Hilary pose with the winners
Posing with the winners of the best designed pirate flag.

The Historical Novel Society Conference
Desmond Hotel, Albany, New York
8-10 June 2007

Karen Mercury (right) sent these shots of Tom and me at the booksigning
held poolside Saturday afternoon.

Read Karen Mercury's musing on the conference Part I and Part II.

Chatting with a fellow Texan and lover of historical fiction.

Bright and early Sunday morning, Jim Nelson and I present "Bringing Pirates to Life."
Jim talked about the history of piracy from 1630-1730,
while I discussed what it was like to be a pirate.

Jim expounds on piratical historyCindy expounds on pirate life.

Cindy and Jim answer questions

Cindy and Jim pose after the workshop

Books 'n Authors 'n All That Jazz
Weatherford College, Weatherford, Texas
28 April 2007

Book Signing and "How to be a Pirate!" Workshop

Pirate Lady explains Pieces of Eight

Pirate Lady peers through Spyglass

Cindy displays her books for sale
Young pirates model their workshop projects

Young lady pirates practice their sneers

Young pirates gather to paint their earrings

PyrateCon 2007
Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
20-22 April 2007

"Pyrate Surgeons" and "Barbary Corsairs" Presentations

Learning about Pyrate SurgeonsLearning about the Barbary CorsairsPiratel Lady makes a point
Costume made by White Pavilion Clothiers

Pirate Lady and Friends at PyrateCon

Cindy with Steve Kimball
Cindy with Steve "The Black Fox" Kimball, publisher of The Pyrates Way magazine
Cindy with George Choundas
Cindy with George Choundas,  author of The Pirate Primer
Cindy surrounded by The Pirate Guys
John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers of Talk Like a Pirate Day fame surround Cindy between talks
Cindy with Mad Sally
Cindy with Tori "Mad Sally" Baur

Career Day at Medina Valley Middle School

Castroville, Texas
9 March 2007
Medina Valley Middle School Career DayMedina Valley Middle School Career Day

Red River Branch of Clan Cameron Annual Meeting
Dallas, Texas
25 February 2007

Red River Branch Clan Cameron Annual Meeting

Celtic Heritage Festival and Clan Cameron Roundup
Bedford, Texas
14 October 2006

Honored Clan leads parade Drambeauties perform
Writing of The Scottish Thistle
As the honored clan, the Camerons led the Parade of Clans. To my left is Cerise Blair, President of the Southwestern Region. To my right is Tom Cameron, the Commissioner of Clan Cameron North America. I spoke about the writing of The Scottish Thistle and the places I visited that appear in my novel. The Drambeauties gave a special performance for the Camerons in our clan tent.

Barnes & Noble

Denton, Texas
7 Ocober 2006

Sign announcing appearances at Barnes and Noble

During the Educators' Reception, I spoke with H. J. Ralles, author of The Keeper Series. The next book in the series involves pirates and will be released in 2007. We hope to do a piratical presentation next summer to celebrate.
Replica of an authentic pirate flag still in existence
Using a spyglass to site prey
A Pirate Adventure explores a treasure chest filled with replica artifacts connected with pirates. This hands-on exploration allowed these intrepid buccaneers to handle pieces of eight, sight prey through a spyglass, learn how and why pirates wrapped the butts of their pistols with ribbons, and investigate other interesting items from the pirate world. Afterward, these pirate queens made their own Jolly Rogers.
Examining pirate treasure

Piracy Workshop

Red River Romance Writers - Wichita Falls, TX
8 July 2006

Piracy Workshop in Wichita Falls

North Texas Book Festival - Denton, TX
22 April 2006

North Texas Book Festival

Piracy Workshop at Denton Writer's League - Denton, TX

13 August, 2005

Denton Writer's League Workshop

Clan Cameron Rally and Frederick Celtic Festival - Frederick, MD
13-14 May 2005

The Banquet at the Frederick Masonic Lodge

The Beginning of the Banquet
The End of the Banquet
Call to dinner
The Cameron Men & Me 
(with Apologies to the Ladies)

The Banquet

Swords award to Commissioner Thomas A. Cameron and Past Commissioner Donald J. Cameron

At the Festival in Urbana, Maryland

Pipe and Drum Band
Pipe and Drum Band

Parade of Honored Clan
Clam Cameron - the Honored Clan - in parade of clans

The Commissioner and Me!
Thomas A. Cameron - Commissioner, Clan Cameron North America
Cindy Vallar - Friend of Clan Cameron

All Pikes Peak Reads Piracy Panel - Colorado Springs, CO
14 October 2004

Piracy Panel
Cindy Vallar - Historical Overview of Piracy
Lane Brunner - Treasure from the SS Central America
Captain Michael MacLeod - Reenactors in Festivals and Films
Jamaica Rose Barton - No Quarter Given
Jacqueline Church Simonds - Women Pirates

In search of lost treasure
Ship of Gold!

Women Pirates confront the captain
Time to vote on a new captain!

The Ship's Company
Dee Vazquez, Community Relations Officer, Pikes Peak Library
Jamaica Rose Barton, Editor of No Quarter Given
Jacqueline Church Simonds, author of Captain Mary, Buccaneer
Cindy Vallar, Editor of Pirates and Privateers
Lane Brunner, Ph.D, American Numismatic Association
Captain Michael MacLeod, Reenactor and Co-Editor of NQG

West Texas Book and Author Festival - Abilene, TX
25 September 2004

West TX Book & Authoer Festival

Book Exchange - Hammond, LA
8 May 2004

Cindy with Book Exchange Owner
Standing in front of owner
Charley Hardin's Wall of Authors

North Texas Book Festival - Denton, TX
17 April 2004

North Texas Book Festival Signing

The Laffite Society - Galveston, TX
16 March 2004

Talking about recently published pirate booksTalking about Pirates & Privateers

Scottish Clans of North Texas - Fort Worth, TX
1 February 2004

Reading of The Scottish Thistle

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