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Cover Art: The Bermuda
The Bermuda Privateer: A Nicholas Fallon Sea Novel
By William Westbrook
McBooks Press, September 2017, ISBN 978-1590137444, $22.95

Someone hidden in shadows pens a secret message, but it falls into Nicolas Fallonís hands while he and his band of misfits cruise off the coast of Portugal. Retired from the British Royal Navy, Nico now commands the privateer Sea Dog. His years of fighting the French imbued the twenty-eight year old Bermudian with a hatred for them, and learning the contents of that missive doesnít bode well for his country.

The news only worsens once Sea Dog returns home. Two of his employerís ships are long overdue and a pirate with a heavily armed frigate wreaks havoc in the Caribbean. Nor does the navy captain sent to hunt this pirate impress Nico as a fighting commander. Not to mention rumors that Spanish treasure is bound for French war coffers.

But his arrival also brings two surprises. Ezra Somers offers him a partnership in his salt-trading business, and Somerís daughter is more friendly than usual. Nico and Elinoreís budding romance must be put on hold, though, because Ezra needs to find out what happened to his missing ships and trusts only Nico to discover the truth, so Sea Dog must go to Grand Turk.

On the island, Ezraís representative shows Nico the various facets of harvesting the salt and managing the office. The ships still have not arrived, and even Nico concludes that they were either lost at sea or taken by pirates. If the latter, how do the pirates know which vessels to attack for greatest gain? His investigations reveal a traitor in their midst, but first he must see that two new merchantmen reach their destination. With the help of their masters and the navy captain who has arrived at Grand Turk, Nico sets in motion a daring, but risky, plan. When the linchpin in his plan fails to carry through, Nico and the Sea Dog pay the price once they engage the pirate frigate and come face to face with her bloodthirsty and slightly insane captain.

Like riding the high crests and deep troughs of a stormy sea, The Bermuda Privateer leaves readers gripping the edge of their seats with little time to catch their breath. From a secret alliance to treasure-laden ships bound for the enemy, Nicholas Fallon and his crew of misfits battle a maniacal pirate and traitorous allies, while forging friendships in unlikely places. Westbrook deftly interlaces history with memorable characters and pirate lore in this debut novel that includes a spellbinding running fight in the midst of a hurricane.

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Review Copyrighted ©2017 Cindy Vallar

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