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The Bookaneer

                      & ship by RomanKybus (Source: CanStockPhoto)There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away. ~ Emily DickinsonPirate & ship by
                      RomanKybus (Source: Can Stock Photo)

Avast there! The Bookaneer sails the high sea in search of books of interest to pirates young and old. Feel free to browse the latest reviewed titles or click on the links below to access reviews of specific genres and subjects.

A special note to authors and publicists

Since 1993, I've been reviewing books for a variety of publications. Initially, those publications included Appraisal: Science Books for Young People, The Book Report, VOYA, Library Media Connection, and School Library Journal. Later, I reviewed books online for Ivy Quill Reviews, Simply E-Books, and Discovering Diamonds. Today, my reviews appear in Historical Novels Review and Goodreads.com.

At Pirates and Privateers, I review fiction and nonfiction books for children or adults. These volumes primarily deal with piracy, privateering, navies, and the maritime world. Most stories and histories are set in the past prior to 1900, although I occasionally venture into more recent times and future scenarios. Pirates and Privateers is open to submissions, so if you would me to consider reviewing your latest book, please contact me.

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The Bookaneer's Latest Reviews

by Julian Stockwin
Pressed into the Royal Navy, Thomas Kydd must adjust to a new world of which he knows nothing. He faces a choice: learn this new trade and fight for King and Country or give in to the despondency and anger.
(Historical Fiction, Nautical Fiction)

by Julian Stockwin
A battle with a French ship results in a hero's welcome when Thomas Kydd and the Artemis return to port. News on the home front once again alters his path in life until two people close to him provide the means for his return to sea and new adventures on the far side of the world.
(Historical Fiction, Nautical Fiction)

by Julian Stockwin
The dangers of the French Revolution place Thomas Kydd and Nicholas Renzi in grave danger in the Caribbean. The two friends become separated and neither knows whether the other lives.
(Historical Fiction, Nautical Fiction)

A Turn of the Tide
by Kelley Armstrong
Expecting to travel into the future, Miranda Hastings finds herself in the past. She faces a man from her visions, a man she has seen die countless times. Now, she has a chance to save him, but he thinks her nothing more than a child to be placated. But she's persistent and the more time they spend together, the more they discover that there's far more to the ambush that should have killed him than either of them ever suspects.
(Time Travel Romance)

The Ballycotton Job
by Tom Mahon
1922 proved to be a turbulent time for Ireland. Not everyone was pleased with the Anglo-Iriish Treaty. Some wanted a fully independent Ireland and nothing in between. This was particularly true of some members of the Irish Republic Army based in Cork, and their leader developed a bold and daring plan of piracy to gain weaponry from the enemy.

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A special note to readers
The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued guidelines for online reviewers, which include disclosing to you that publishers, publicists, and authors send me review books and media for free. Sometimes I request these review copies; sometimes I do not. In either case, I am free to choose whether or not I publish a review of these items, although the sender hopes that I will do so. After I have read these submissions, I add the free review copies to my personal library collection, donate them to libraries or other worthy causes, or use them as prizes I award to contest winners. If anyone wishes to know what I did with a specific title reviewed here, I'll be happy to disclose that information.

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