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The History of Maritime Piracy

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Heeling shipThere is no frigate like a book to take us lands away. ~ Emily Dickinson Heeling ship

Avast there! The Bookaneer sails the High Seas in search of books of interest to pirates young and old. Feel free to browse the latest reviewed titles or click on the links below the latest reviews to access specific sections.

A special note to authors and publicists
More than two decades ago, I began reviewing books for Appraisal: Science Books for Young People, The Book Report, Library Media Connection, and School Library Journal. Later, I reviewed books online for Ivy Quill Reviews and Simply E-Books. Today, I review historical novels and history books for Historical Novels Review, Discovering Diamonds, and Goodreads.com, and piratical and maritime fiction and non-fiction for Pirates and Privateers. If you would like me to review your latest pirate or maritime book, please contact me. ~ Cindy Vallar

Professional Reader

A Vengeful Wind by James L. Nelson
Unexpected visitors upset the tenuous truce between Thorgrim Night Wolf and the monastery at Fern. It is only a matter of time before the Irish strike, but no matter he prefers to do, Thorgrim knows he cannot allow the Irish to think they can attack Northmen without fear of retribution. Yet that simple intervention stirs the gods to intervene once again in Thorgrim's life and he finds himself in a strange place where a canny woman tries to usurp her brother-in-law's position after the murder of her husband.

History of Navigation by Dag Pike
Travel by sea and getting from point A to point B through the years are explored in this look at the history and development of navigation from the earliest days to the present.

What the Parrot Saw by Darlene Marshall
Oliver Woodruff, an English gentleman out for adventure, gains more than he bargains for when he's enlisted to become Captain Matt St. Armand's "cabin boy." The voyage turns out to reveal secrets, including the captain's true identity and the real mission of these pirates. They treasure they steal is runaway slaves.

Pirates in History and Popular Culture edited by Antonio Sanna
A collection of twenty essays that examine presentations of pirates in a plethora of media types from print to board games and beyond.

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A special note to readers
The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued new guidelines for online reviewers, which include disclosing to you that publishers, publicists, and authors send me review books and media for free. Sometimes I request these review copies, sometimes I don't. In either case, I am free to choose whether or not I publish a review of these items, although the sender hopes that I will do so. Sometimes I add these free review copies to my personal library collection. Other times I donate them to libraries or other worthy causes, or use them as prizes I award to contest winners. If anyone wishes to know what I did with a specific title reviewed here, I'll be happy to disclose that information.

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