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Heeling shipThere is no frigate like a book to take us lands away. ~ Emily Dickinson Heeling ship

Avast there! The Bookaneer sails the High Seas in search of books of interest to pirates young and old. Feel free to browse the latest reviewed titles or click on the links below the latest reviews to access specific sections.

A special note to authors and publicists
More than two decades ago, I began reviewing books for Appraisal: Science Books for Young People, The Book Report, Library Media Connection, and School Library Journal. Later, I reviewed books online for Ivy Quill Reviews and Simply E-Books. Today, I review historical novels and history books for Historical Novels Review, Discovering Diamonds, and Goodreads.com, and piratical and maritime fiction and non-fiction for Pirates and Privateers. If you would like me to review your latest pirate or maritime book, please contact me. ~ Cindy Vallar

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The Bonnie Bookaneer's Latest Reviews
A Furious Sky by Eric Jay Dolin
Say the word "hurricane" and an image of destruction and desolation immediately come to mind. This book examines 500 years of the storms that have struck America from colonial times to the present day. This is a history, yes, but it's much more. It delves into what a hurricane is, how the storm and our ability to forecast and monitor them has evolved over time. Most importantly, it provides firsthand accounts from and tales of survivors and the devastating impact of hurricanes on their lives and the people they love.

Admiral Albert Hastings Markham by Frank Jastrzembski
Adventurer, commander, explorer, observer, scientist, and writer -- these but skim the surface of a long-forgotten admiral who served his queen and country for fifty years. Markham's journeys took him from England to China to the American West, Australia, Canada, the Arctic, and the Mediterranean. He set a world record that latest for two decades, but a single tragedy affected him deeply. This is his story.

Captain James Lockwood by Mark Bois
Duty summons Captain James Lockwood to take his raw army recruits to Guyana to deal with a possible slave insurrection, but the West Indies is an inhospitable place. The colonial governor is a bully. Disease kills more men than battle. Bloodthirsty pirates prowl the seas for treasure and red-coated soldiers. Yet it is equally dangerous to remain at home in Ireland, as his wife and daughter know. Protestants rule and Catholics suffer. To be both Catholic and family members of men who serve the English king makes them traitors, including Brigid and Cissy Lockwood.

American Privateers of the Revolutionary War by Angus Konstam and illustrated by Paul Wright
"Privateer" has several meanings, but the focus of this book is on the privately armed vessels that aided both sides during the American's War of Independence.

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A special note to readers
The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued new guidelines for online reviewers, which include disclosing to you that publishers, publicists, and authors send me review books and media for free. Sometimes I request these review copies, sometimes I don't. In either case, I am free to choose whether or not I publish a review of these items, although the sender hopes that I will do so. Sometimes I add these free review copies to my personal library collection. Other times I donate them to libraries or other worthy causes, or use them as prizes I award to contest winners. If anyone wishes to know what I did with a specific title reviewed here, I'll be happy to disclose that information.

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