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Cover Art: Pirates' Pay
Pirates’ Pay
By Stan Bailey
Dog Ear Publishing, 2007, US $14.95
ISBN 978-159858-600-8


She awakes on the shore, belted to a piece of wood, with a pounding head from a bloody gash and no memory. After managing to secure her release, she attempts to find drinkable water – something in short supply since most of what she sees is ocean. She spots a log and makes her way to it, only to discover it’s a corpse. Somehow she manages a crude burial for the stranger and in the process discovers the name “Elaine” tattooed on his body. The arrival of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter is an answer to her prayers, and Lt. Bob McGuffy, the man who rescues her, becomes her first friend.

After careful examination at Miami General Hospital, Elaine learns she’s suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI). Her skull is fractured, and a splinter of wood has pierced her brain. While she and the doctors work to heal her, Bob and the other members of a special task force to which he is assigned try to unravel what happened to her. While on patrol, they come across a sinking ship with wounded and dead aboard. One man confesses he was a crewman of the ship that exploded a yacht when the drug runners came too close. He hadn’t signed on to become a pirate and killer, so he tells what he knows.

From the evidence they collect and the information the pirate and others provide, the Coast Guard captures the pirates. One of them discovers Elaine is still alive and orders his brothers to make certain she never testifies.

Stan Bailey combines mystery and romance to craft a riveting novel. His consultations with members of the Coast Guard and someone recovering from TBI bring realism and credibility to Pirates’ Pay. There’s too much repetition of facts from one scene to another, such as who characters are or what has transpired so far, but I still found myself unable to put down the book. To combine two growing problems – modern piracy and traumatic brain injury – is a tall task, but Bailey accomplishes the feat while providing readers with a suspenseful and courageous tale where faith, friendship, and hope are essential. 

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Book Review Copyright ©2008 Cindy Vallar

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