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Skull and CrossbonesArticlesSkull and Crossbones

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Skull and CrossbonesBooks & ReportsSkull and Crossbones
Conlin, Daniel. A Private War in the Caribbean: Nova Scotia Privateering 1793-1805. St. Mary's University, 1996.

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An Interesting Trial of Edward Jordan, and Margaret His Wife, Who Were Tried at Halifax, Nova Scotia November 15th, 1809, for the Horrid Crime of Piracy and Murder, Committed on Board the Schooner Three Sisters, Captain John Stairs, on Their Passage from Perce, to Halifax with a Particular Account of the Execution of Said Jordan. Boston.

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Trial of Jones, Hazelton, Anderson and Trebaskiss, Alias Johnson for Piracy and Murder on Board Barque Saladin, with the Written Confessions of the Prisoners, Produced in Evidence on the Said Trial. To Which is Added, Particulars of Their Execution on the 30th of July. Also, the Trial of Carr and Galloway, for the Murder of Captain Fielding and His Son on Board the Saladin. James Bowes, 1844; Petheric Press, 1967.

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The Canadian Privateering Homepage by Dan Conlin

"Des flibustiers en Nouvelle-France?" Encyclopirate (in French)

Gilbert Pike and Sheila Na Geira
Landry, Peter. "Baptiste, 1663-1714", Historical Biographies, Nova Scotia
Leier, Kerri. "Nova Scotia's Rebels-Pirates and Privateers", Horton Journal of Canadian History
"Pierre Le Picard, dit Capitaine Picard," Encyclopirate (in French)
Pirates: a Rogues Gallery (scroll down to Black Bart Roberts)

"Robert Chevalier, dit de Beauchêne," Encyclopirate (in French)

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