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I love your writing style, how honest you are on the site, and just HOW MUCH information you've gathered. It's so so helpful for me. -- Mary Cole,

Cindy has a fantastic website and a quarterly e-newsletter you can subscribe to that is just packed with info about the sea and upcoming stories. Check it out. -- Louise Bergin

You have done a wonderful job. -- Jean Old

Great website. -- Douglas White

I took a peek at your website and decided it was a place that I would like to visit again and again. -- Barbara M.

I . . . have found your . . . website (especially the research page) an incredible resource. Thank you for all the time, effort and research you have put into the site. -- Shannon S., Canada

I just wanted to let you know you have a great website-- I'm sure I will be checking out all the links for weeks to come! -- Phyllis DeMarco, author of Passage to November

Thank you for your very extensive website. I have just now stumbled upon it and realize what a great help it will be for me. I can see the work you've put into this website, and I appreciate your sharing it. -- Irene L.

I have been using your website as a means of research for years! Thank you for making such a wonderful site with so much valuable information. -- Melissa Dawn Harte

Cool website, Thistles & Pirates. You've got some great stuff out there, and I've used a number of the resources you mention. -- Tracy Ruds

You have a very nice and most interesting web-site. – Capt. Colin Cameron-Tough

Your website is very impressive. – Diana, Historical Research list

Just read your newsletter and enjoyed it very much. Good blogging here, and your newsletter, in addition to being amusing, is informative. – Jean Harrington, author of The Barefoot Queen and In the Lion’s Mouth

I want to inform you of how much I enjoyed your newsletter. Keep up the great work and information. – Karen Lackie Wilson

I had just spent a happy hour reading through a good chunk of you pirate articles when I got lost in Thistle’s Scotland. The resources, advice, and information that you present in your website are quite helpful. Finding your website seems fortuitous. I would like to say thank you for creating and maintaining your website. I am sure that I will be referring to it often. – Jenni Hynek, Iowa

Thank you for your great site! -- Dan Makgow Smith

You have a great website. -- Gregg Stone

I just was visiting your web site (again) and just wanted to say you’re a great resource for writers, published and unpublished. I'm pleased to see so many people will have access to your insight, knowledge, and experience. Thanks for the inspiration! -- S.R. Staley, author of The Pirate of Panther Bay

I wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful website about historical fiction where I found plenty of details for my own work. -- Erik S. Larsen, author of La Seconde Bataille

Great pics and commentary on Scotland! -- Debbie Pfeiffer

I was delighted to find your website and found it very interesting. It was a great find for me. -- Mary-Ellen Kavanagh

I found out about your website and newsletters when I read your interview on Favorite Pastimes blog last week. It was a great interview and very helpful. -- Sheryl

Your website is an excellent tool and full of resources that I am excited to explore. -- Shannon Robinson

Congratulations on the site -- really well designed and full of useful and fascinating information. -- Sarah Bower, editor of Historical Novels Review

Thank you for your excellent site.  It will help me a lot. -- Shellie Lyon

I'm enjoying reading through your web site! -- William Wok

I've just been reding articles on your Thistles & Pirates web site and loving it!  Your content is fantastic! -- Inara

You have an excellent site.  You have an excellent bibliography. -- Mikko

I was particularly impressed with the link to your "research sites."  I am surprised . . . that I have not run across your site before.  It is the type of site that I spend a lot of time reading. -- Dan

Your whole website is terrific.  A model to emulate.  Keep up the good work.  -- Joan Druett, author of Shark Island, Rough Medicine, and She Captains

I really liked your warm and friendly website. -- M. Clark

I enjoyed your web page and all the pictures of Scotland. -- Mairi

I was very impressed.  I particularly like the way you explain your principles, and I always admire historical fiction writers such as yourself and Bernard Cornwell who clearly explain where their stories differ from what is believed to have happened. -- Paul Orton, England

I love your website. -- Jimmy Morgan

I was amazed at the wealth of historical data. Thank you for your great website, and I will enjoy learning from the wealth of information it provides. ~ Maggie, Canada

Found your photographs both amazing and inspiring.  Thanks for the great website! -- Marilou

Your website is great.  It is beautifully done and makes me want to know more about your work. -- Amanda Turnock

You should be pleased to know that my local librarian cited you as a valid and respected source for my ongoing research! -- Robin, from Canada

Just wanted to tell you what a great site you have created. I'll spend much time reading it. -- Dean Cameron

While meandering my way through cyberspace I was blessed enough to happen upon your site. My compliments on a job well done. I found it quite impressive. --  Micheal Teal, The Ancient One

If you're interested in Scottish history, then check out author Cindy Vallar's site, Thistles and Pirates.  Romantic Times, March 2001

Your website is amazing.  I followed links for literally hours.  -- Victoria

I check ye site at least once a week. Tis truly fascinating. The history in your book is just too amazing. The research is so intense. -- Jean Paquin

The site is well maintained and easy to use.  -- Kevin Craig Carter, University of North Carolina student doing research on Modern Piracy

This is a very exciting page with easy to follow links.  Great site! -- Marijean Long

I loved your Home Page and saw at once how much work went into its design and execution. The whole page is very professionally done, with lots of available resources and impressive reviews.  -- Barbara Bell

I did check out your web site last night and I thought it was great!  What a treasure trove (pun definitely intended!) of goodies.  -- Rose Brunnais

Wow, Cindy.  You did a great job on your web site.  Very professional, yet eas to follow. -- Richelle Putnam

Great color scheme, smoothly navigable.  -- Gracie McKeever, author of Dancing in the Dark

Wow, this is great.  I really enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of Rory and Duncan's story.  This site is definitely a work of art and very much a pleasure to visit.  You have a winner here.  -- Margie Tomlin

Your use of colour is especially well done, easy on the eyes and allows the guest to read every word. -- Ceiran

I liked your site, Cindy!  It was easy to get around on and pretty to look at! -- Joyce Lavene, co-author of Mask of the Stranger and One Last Goodbye
I'm very impressed with your site.  It reflects a real knowledge and love for the genre. -- Tracy Martinez

Cindy! A neat site.  I love your reference section.  -- Juliet Waldron, author of Mozart's Wife

I like how you've done your Web site . . . developing depth . . . admirably.  I like how you've handled reviews and blurbs.  -- Peter Owens, author of Rips

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