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Reviews of "Rumble the Dragon" and A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder

Cover Art: A Tall Ship, a Star, and Plunder

I loved [it]. I enjoyed the way you sent Rumble away from Dragon Father, thrust him miserably (miserable to him at first) on a quest with vikings and ultimately pointed him toward his destiny. You ended with him having a sense of hope and a purpose. What a great story! -- Sonja Perrin


Rumble is a great reading. -- Deneise Slaydon


"Rumble the Dragon" -- Excellent story. -- Debi Sullivan

Blue Dragon

I've already read Rumble. I love the names of the Vikings. What an image you paint, I could see a vivid image of Ragnar, strong and brave! -- Todd Carlisle

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The pirates here don't see themselves as ordinary. They're entrepreneurs, pursuing worthy purposes, serving mankind in unusual ways: a princess who turns pirate to solve a personal problem; a young dragon who learns the wisdom of being different; ghosts and ghost ships that teach extraordinary life lessons; landlocked pirate pretenders who dream fondly of adventure. The seas and winds become a living backdrop here through waves that roar or gently lap, creaking yardarms, flapping sails, and rattling anchor chains.

Whether sailing the bounding main or scavenging through outer space in print or film, pirates seem to pique our imagination. The 24 diverse tales in this anthology celebrate the pirate mystique in prose and verse through wondrous imageries of exotic locales and characters of humorous cunning or exceptional courage. Within these pages I traveled Earth's oceans and the ocean of space while experiencing history, fantasy, and sci fi created by clever wordsmiths. Each author and every tale transported me to fascinating places and eras.

If you enjoy historic adventures, fantasy, science fiction, or simply an exceptional reading experience, this anthology is highly recommended. -- Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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Wonderful stories, lots of action, characters are compelling. A great read. A Barnes & Noble reader

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