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Scottish Resources

Castles, Abbeys, & Churches
Costume History
Culture and Folklore
'Forty-five (Rising of 1745)
Gaelic and Scots
Magazines, Maps, & Travel
Videos and Movies

Castles, Abbeys, & Churches

Blair Castle Guidebook

Cantlie, Hugh. Ancestral Castles of Scotland. Collins & Brown, 1992.

Doune Castle Guidebook

Edinburgh: A Guide to the Royal Mile and Old Town
Edinburgh Castle Guidebook

Fawcett, Richard. Scottish Cathedrals. (Historic Scotland) B. T. Batsford, 1997.
Fawcett, Richard. Stirling Castle. (Historic Scotland) B. T. Batsford, 1995.
Fraprie, Frank Roy. Castles and Keeps of Scotland.  Barnes & Noble, 1993.
Fry, Plantagenet Somerset. Castles of Britain and Ireland.  Abbeville Press, 1996.

Linlithgow Palace Guidebook

MacIvor, Iain. Edinburgh Castle. (Historic Scotland) B. T. Batsford, 1997.

Palace of Holyroodhouse Official Guide

Ross, Susan. Chambers Guide to the Castles of Scotland. Chambers.

Stair-Kerr, Eric. Stirling Castle: Its Place in Scottish History. James Maclehose & Sons, 1913.
Stirling Castle Guidebook

Tabraham, Chris. Scotland's Castles (Historic Scotland) B. T. Batsford, 1997.

Urquhart Castle Guidebook

Wallace, Joyce M. Historic Houses of Edinburgh. John Donald, 1987.

Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Castle

Inchmahome Abbey
Inchmahome Abbey

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Glen Coe

Great Glen
Great Glen

Clan Cameron Museum Guidebook

Bartholomew Maps: Clan Cameron
Blackie, Lorna. Clans and Tartans: The Fabric of Scotland. Gallery Books, 1987.

Clan Cameron (Your Clan Heritage Books) Cascade Publishing, 1983.
Clan Macgregor (Your Clan Heritage Books) Cascade Publishing, 1983.

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Stewart of Ardvorlich, John. The Stewarts. Johnston & Bacon, 1987.

Way of Plean, George and Romilly Squire. Collins Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia. HarperCollins, 1994.

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Costume History

Bird, Linda. The Scots.  Grand Rapids, OH: Smoke and Fire News, 1996.

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Maxwell, Stuart, and Robin Hutchinson. Scottish Costume 1550-1850. Dufour, 1959.
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Tartans: the Facts and Myths.  Norwich: Jarrold Publishing, 1990.

Peter in 1745 tartan

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Culture & Folklore

Highland Loom

Piper at Urquhart Castle

Interior of Old Leanach Cottage
Bennett, Margaret. Scottish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave. Edinburgh: Polygon, 1992.

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Highland Folk Museum Guidebook
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     Liveright, 1973.

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     Barnes & Noble, 1993.

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The ’Forty-five

Old Leanach Cottage, Culloden
Old Leanach Cottage, Culloden

Well of the Dead, Culloden
Well of the Dead, Culloden

Ruthven Barracks
Ruthven Barracks

Doune Castle
Doune Castle
The ’45 to Gather an Image Whole. Mercat Press, 1988.
1745: Charles Edward Stuart and the Jacobites. HMSO, 1995.

Black, Jeremy. Culloden and the '45. Alan Sutton, 1990.

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     National Museum of Antiquities of  Scotland, 1985.

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The Final Campaign
The ‘Forty-five: The last Jacobite Rebellion

Gibson, John Sibbald. Lochiel of the '45: The Jacobite Chief and the Prince. Edinburgh University Press, 1995.

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Highland Songs of the Forty-five. Scottish Gaelic Texts Society, 1984.
Hook, Michael, &
Walter Ross. The 'Forty-five: The Last Jacobite Rebellion. HMSO, 1995.

The Jacobite Army in England in 1745
Johnstone, Chevalier de. The Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746. Longman Hurst Rees Orme & Brown, 1820.

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Willmott-Dixon. The Jacobite Episode in Scottish History and Its Relative Literature. John Menzies, 1894.

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Gaelic & Scots

The Concise Scots Dictionary
. Aberdeen University Press, 1991.

Macdonald, J. A. Gaidhlig BHEO (National Extension College - v1, units 1-8). An Comunn Gaidhealach, 1976.
MacKay, Charles. Auld Scots Dictionary. Lang Syne Publishers, 1992.
MacClennan, Malcolm. Gaelic Dictionary. Acair & Mercat Press, 1992.

Robertson, Boyd, and Iain Taylor. Teach Yourself Gaelic. NTC Publishing Group, 1993.

Celtic chain

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Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce

Dun Telve
Dun Telve Broch

Dirleton Castle
Dirleton Castle
Bannockburn Guidebook and Storybook
Bingham, Caroline. Beyond the Highland Line: Highland History and Culture. Constable, 1998.
Blundell, Nigel. Ancient Scotland. Chartwell Books, 1996.
Brander, Michael. The Making of the Highlands. Constable, 1980.
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Museum of Scotland Guidebook

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Warner, Philip. Famous Scottish Battles. Barnes & Noble, 1975.

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Magazines Maps & Travel

Antonio, A. E. “'Hand fasting' in Scotland,” The Scottish Historical Review (October 1958, XXXVII:124).

Bartholomew Maps: Scotland Touring
Bartholomew Maps: Northwest Scotland
Bartholomew Maps: Southeast Scotland
Bartholomew Maps: Northeast Scotland
Bartholomew Maps: Southwest Scotland
Baxter, John, David Winpenny, and Charles Aithie. Scottish Highlands and Islands. Passport Books, 1997.
Best of the Highlands: A Tourist Guide to Fort William and Lochaber. Jarrold Publishing, 1992.
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Daiches, David. Edinburgh. Granada, 1978.
Dalriada Quarterly issues 1997-2000
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Fodor’s Scotland

Giddie, John.  Edinburgh. Black and Sons.
Gifford, John, Collin McWilliam, and David Walker. Edinburgh. Penguin Books, 1984.

In Britain

Insight Guide: Scotland. APA Publications, 1990.

Linklater, Eric. Edinburgh. Macmillan, 1961.

Mackenzie, W. C. The Highlands and Isles of Scotland. Moray Press.
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National Trust for Scotland Guide. Jonathan Cape, 1976.

The Raising of the Standard – Glenfinnan.  National Trust of Scotland. 

Ruthven Barracks, Badenoch.

Scotland in Pictures. Lerner, 1991.

Scottish Life
The Scottish Lochs. Constable, 1980.
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Thomson, David. Nairn in Darkness and Light. Hutchinson, 1987.
Tomes, John. Blue Guide: Scotland. W. W. Norton, 1996.

U. S. Scots - Autumn 1998 (Heavy Athletics)
U. S. Scots - Summer 1999 (Living Languages)

Falls of Caig
Falls of Cai'aig, Achnacarry

Bass Rock from Tantallon Castle
Bass Rock from Tantallon Castle

Waterfall on Skye
Waterfall on the Isle of Skye

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Comrie, John D. The History of Scottish Medicine to 1860. Baillière, Tindall & Cox, 1927.
Coupland, Robin M. Amputation for War Wounds. International Committee of the Red Cross, 1992.

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Archibald, Malcolm. Scottish Animal and Bird Folklore. St. Andrews Press, 1996.

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Highland Wildlife Park Explorers Guide.

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Stephen, Donald. Scottish Wild Life. Hutchinson & Co., 1964.

Thom, Valerie, M. Birds in Scotland.

Highland cow

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Videos & Movies

Movie reel
Battle of the Clans
Bonnie Prince Charlie – starring David Niven

Castles of Scotland
Clan Cameron
Culloden 1746: The Last Highland Charge

Ghosts of Ireland, Scotland, and England
Great Castles of Europe: Highland Castles

The Highlanders

The Jacobites

Legends of the Isles: Bonnie Prince Charles

Master of Ballantrae – starring Errol Flynn

Rob Roy – starring Liam Nieeson
Rob Roy: The True Story


Touring Scotland

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